Nepal is divided into 3 types of terrain.  Mountains, Hills and Valleys and then the Terai (flat lands). 

The Terai is very hot, as it borders India, this is what you'd expect.  They often experience a lot of flooding in the monsoon season (May-July) and many people lose their homes, crops and cattle etc.  This is also the time when water born disease spreads and many people die from Typhoid or other illnesses.  

The hills and valleys are much cooler, and the air is much less humid than the Terai.  Rice and wheat are grown here and also many people have buffalo and cows which are free to roam around wherever they please.  You will often see them on the road causing a traffic Jam!  There are many large towns/cities in these areas, and Kathmandu (The capital) is situated in one of the larges valleys.  

The mountains are home to some of the worlds tallest mountains including "Everest".  Many people come to Nepal specifically for mountain climbing and trekking around the Annapurna Circuit.  It is dry and quite desolate up there, very windy and cold.  This is the only place that gets snow in Nepal.  There are a lot of people who live in villages in this region, and many of them do not have schools.  Many NGO's have begun programs for education with the specific aim of providing a safe environment for children to grown and be educated safely.  They provide a home for the children in Kathmandu, send them to school everyday and take care of them when they come home.  They then encourage the children to go back to visit their families at least once or twice a year.  

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